Tax Matters!  Staying compliant means you have peace of mind regarding your business or personal tax situation. Cloud Tax Matters is ready to be your compliance partner to let you focus on your business and family.  Frequently it’s difficult to interpret vague notices or potential scam letters.  If you don’t work with a tax partner that is familiar with US, State and Local taxes you can open yourself to an increase in notices, fines, penalties, hassle and surprises.  Due dates for all types of tax – income tax, sales tax, franchise tax and others – are predictable and should be planned.  Not only should you know when your filings are due but what tax or fee will also be due. 

We have experience working with hundreds of companies and individuals. We discuss our fees in advance, so you know what to expect so you won’t be surprised by your tax and you won’t be surprised by our bill.

The following services will keep you in the know and compliant.


If you are new to the US and just thinking of your formation strategy, let’s talk first.  Which state you select to incorporate in, and which entity type you choose, impacts your ease of future filings and overall cost. Depending on future financing needs, growth plans and exits, different entity types will have different impacts.

Once in the US or as you grow, reviewing your entity selection to see if it meets your continuing needs is an important part of compliance.  Also, as your team grows in the US, knowing which states you need to register in and for what reason takes experience.

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Income Taxes

The US has a confusing, complex income tax code.  Don’t go it alone! The Cloud Tax Matters team can insure you file the correct forms on time and accurately.  Many think the IRS is the only tax authority, and its forms are the only ones you need to worry about. But the US system is very layered, and in addition to your federal forms, there are state and local forms due at various times through the year.

Income taxes are required for both individuals and companies whether you make money or not.  Also, whether or not you are a US citizen or have a formed company, you may still have a filing requirement.  The IRS has a wide net! Review your situation with a competent advisor to determine your needs.

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Indirect taxes

In addition to income taxes, the US also has a variety of indirect taxes – sales tax, property tax, franchise tax, and gross receipts taxes – to name a few. During the tax on-boarding process, we’ll review your nexus and create an annual tax calendar of all of the filings, estimates and due dates, and can include those filings in your fees for the year.

The US Supreme Court’s decision regarding Wayfair has changed sales tax and companies’ requirements.  Many think that “just” being an Amazon seller will keep you from having to collect and remit sales tax.  This is not always true and should be reviewed by an experienced tax advisor.   Book time now to review your needs.

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Tax can be planned. You should have an annual calendar of what is due, when its due, how much is due and how it should be paid. Tax surprises are no fun and can be avoided.

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Sometimes you’ll need a particular tax form filed.  Other times you’ll have questions regarding a notice you have received.  Or just need some general advice or guidance on growth or planning for fundraising and exit. Using your preferred communication tool, we can connect for a meeting to talk strategy, planning or answer specific questions.

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Due Diligence

Tax matters during diligence for financing purposes or an exit.  Investors or potential acquirers care about the potential for tax on both federal and state levels.  Cloud Tax Matters can help you before you are ready to go through diligence or during the diligence process to organize your information and be ready for the many, many tax questions. 

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