Welcome to the Cloud Tax Matters Resources page. Trying to curate information from the web is tough.  You don’t know the quality of the source or if the IRS would really allow that approach.  Random googling is a very risky way to try and get information.  On this page, you will only find information that is sourced from experience and then linked to an IRS resource or another vetted resource – a known advisor, researcher or reliable media outlet.  Learning how to cull what is real, versus “fake news” is not easy, but getting to know trusted web resources is a good first step.  Bookmark the page and come back frequently.  Better, link here to be added to be an email to be updated when news happens or one of our blogs is updated. Also, follow me on Twitter

Tax Articles To Read:

 There are a number of tax credits available to individuals and companies for a variety of reasons in the US.  Here is an overview of the key types of individual credits available from the IRS.

If you are an S Corp, Partnership or Schedule C business you may still benefit from a 2018 change to the IRS code called the Qualified Business Deduction.  While there are a number of rules and implications on which businesses qualify, if your entity is making money in 2019, it may be good to see if you qualify.  Here’s a brief overview from the IRS.

Congress encourages home ownership and provides tax incentives to support it…including providing some gain exclusion.  Read here to understand more.